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There are 3 main factors that influence your broadband speed:-


1. Quality of ADSL service supplied by your chosen ISP (internet service provider)

In a nut shell you pay for what you get, the amount of other users on the same server as you, any heavy gamers on the server and general quality of the product supplied, can influence your connection speed, especially at peak times.


2. Length and quality of cable

Your broadband deteriorates the further you are from your local telephone exchange, plus the age and condition of this cable play a big factor on your broadband speed. Resistance, Capacitance, Inductance, DB loss are all increasing factors that affect your broadband the further you are from the telephone exchange.

To see all information about your local telephone exchange, what services are available, distance you are from your exchange, plus the answer to your big question "What speed should i receive" link to this excellent site that gives all these answers


3. Faults

60% of broadband faults are associated with your properties wiring and any connected equipment.

Including:- old wiring, external wiring and connectors, wiring under carpets or laminate flooring, incorrectly wired telephone circuits, faulty phone sockets, faulty connected equipment, electrical and or static interference even fish tanks ????

30% of speed related broadband faults are faults on the cable that supply your property, or at the telephone exchange itself, these faults are down to your service provider to repair.


10% of speed related problems can be due to your PC or laptop slow processing speed, often a general clean-up can speed things up.


Network Scotland can help, identify and repair any problems found on your property wiring or connected equipment.

Network Scotland can identify faults that are on the cable suppling your property, or at the telephone exchange, and help your ISP to understand that the service you are receiving is not at it's best, and recommend that a repair is required to improve your speed.


A Complete Broadband, Internet, Networking and associated equipment installation and repair service available from Network Scotland.

Broadband Speed from Network Scotland