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How do I book a broadband optimisation engineer visit?

Simply call our customer team on 0800 145 5795 and we’ll provide you with a selection of dates for our engineer to visit your home.

You must have an active broadband service.


What happens if I need to rearrange my engineer appointment?

Call our customer repair team on 0800 145 5795 before 1.00pm on the day prior to the appointment and they will be able to provide you with an alternative date for the engineer to visit.


When the engineer visits my home what can I expect?

The engineer will take you through a questionnaire to confirm your agreement to make adjustments to the broadband line and internal wiring (if required).


Once you have confirmed your acceptance the engineer will determine the optimum placement of the router within your property to ensure best coverage.


The engineer will then perform a series of checks on your line including:


    a broadband speed test

    wireless router configuration test

    signal strength test

    master socket checks

    cabling checks


These checks will not affect your line but will help the engineer determine whether the line speed received can be improved upon. If the broadband speed can be improved the engineer will confirm this to you and ask for your approval before making any changes to your internal wiring configuration. Our engineers can also fit a NTE2000 face plate to your master socket which acts as a filter for your entire home, removing the need to have a broadband filter on each extension within your house. This has enabled faster broadband speeds in many homes.

Broadband Speed Optimisation Service FAQs