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Network Scotland is fully licensed and insured and proud to be a member of the FSB - Federation of Small Businesses Cisco Certiied Network Scotland Telephone Systems

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ADSL2+ - FTTC - FTTP - Broadband Speed & Broadband Connection Faults


Whether your ADSL Broadband speed is slow, intermittent, dropping out or not working at all, there are very few things more frustrating than a bad ADSL Broadband connection! At Network Scotland we can get your wayward ADSL Broadband Line back on track.


Network Scotland offer ADSL Broadband Repair and Broadband Optimisation services for both Residential and Commercial customers. providing a professional, efficient service backed up, by over 20 years of experience in the industry.

Fault finding. Diagnosis. Repair. Upgrades and New installation.


Your Internet connection is regarded as one of, if not the most important service that supply your property. No wonder when your Broadband connection is not up to scratch you get very frustrated.

Intermittent connection, slow speeds, slow speed at certain times of the day, loss of connection; are all terms

we hear on a regular basis.


With over 20 years of dealing with broadband repair and connections we pride

ourselves on being able to offer a knowledgeable first class efficient service to all our new and

returning customers.


We now are equipped with the latest JDSU Tester. This allow us to give your

Broadband a serious workout, ensuring that any faults on the line are identified and repaired.

We also use this to ensure the broadband speed coming into your property is sufficient and the actual

speed you are receiving coming in is the speed at the Router

Broadband Enhancement from Network Scotland